How Long Will It Take to Resolve My Personal Injury Claim?

The time it takes your to reach a settlement from a personal injury or for your case goes to trial will depend on several factors. Obviously, one of our attorneys will need to review your case but we can tell you it really depends on the type of case you are involved in, how fast you want to settle and the facts surrounding your case. If you’re injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, the law entitles you to compensation for the cost of your treatment and other losses suffered as a result. Each personal injury claim is different and there are many factors that can either speed up or slow down the process.



The length of time will also depend on what type of settlement you want. If you want to settle the case quickly, you can likely do so if you are willing to take less money. Insurance companies will typically make a “low-ball” offer within a few weeks of the accident and/or claim. If you take the “low ball” offer, then the case may be completed rather quickly. However, most people that are injured in accidents do not immediately know the extent and duration of their injuries, so it is typically more prudent to not accept the quick check from the insurance company.


Medical Treatment

We will review the extent of your injuries, the number of parties involved and who was determined to be at fault during the accident. We will also review the magnitude of your current and anticipated medical expenses. The insurance company is going to want to review all these medical records and medical bills. They will also want or require that you reach maximum medical improvement. They’re going to want to determine what your injury was, whether you have any residual problems from it, and what medical treatments you might need in the future. It could take a long time to gather the information we need to prove liability and if your case will need to go to trial.

In order to assess your claim, the insurance company will likely require that you reach maximum medical improvement. This will usually take months or in some cases over a year to reach maximum medical improvement. After you reached full improvement, it will likely take at least a month or two for the insurance company to evaluate the claim. After the insurance company internally discusses the claim, it could take a couple of weeks to negotiate the claim and a couple more to draw up the settlement papers and cut the checks. Having said that, you may be able to receive a good settlement within a few months from the time you have reached maximum medical improvement. However, the best possible settlement may take even longer, perhaps a year or two after reaching maximum medical improvement.


Other Factors

Do not expect that your insurance company will have your best interests in mind either, as they do not. Insurance companies are often quick to deny valid claims or offer settlements far below what an accident victim may be eligible to receive. Our attorneys are not interested in getting our clients a quick settlement that will run out long before they are able to recover from their injuries and get back on their feet. Clients who come to our firm benefit from the fact that, while we will work diligently to resolve their claim in a timely fashion, we will not accept a resolution that does not offer the legal protection and financial remuneration they deserve.Close to 95% of all personal injury cases are settled before going to trial, and if we can get you a fair settlement, we will do so without having to take your case to trial. Not all claims can be resolved outside of the courtroom, so if the circumstances warrant it, we will be prepared to aggressively represent your interests in court and help you fight for a just verdict and substantial financial award that is commensurate to your injuries. We have won countless million and multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts for our clients over the years, and you can trust that we will do everything we can to help you attain the outcome you seek.

If you have sustained serious injuries in an accident and want to find out how long it will take to resolve your injury claim, contact Browning Law so we can review your case, advise you of your legal rights and work closely with you to develop a strategy for your claim.  to provide you with an accurate estimate on the value and timeframe involved in your personal injury claim. Schedule a consultation now at 251-304-0909 or fill out our free case evaluation form.